How 1:1 training saved Your Client Name 7 hours planning a week

Realign Pilates Studio is a state-of-the-art fitness studio based in central Birmingham. Run by owner Karen Brown and her team of three instructors, the studio helps adults recover from injury and build core strength.

What We Did


Before you start writing, email these questions to your client. Ask them to give detailed answers, rather than a quick sentence:

– What was your biggest cause of frustration before using my service and why?
– How had you already tried to improve things? What was the outcome?
– What was the ‘a-ha’ moment when you decided you needed to do things differently?
– How did you find my service?
– Why did you pick my service?
– How has my service helped you overcome your initial frustration/challenge?
– What would have happened if you hadn’t hired me?
– Can you share any specific metrics that demonstrate improved results since working with me? (e.g. Time or money saved)
– What would you say to someone who was considering hiring me?


Instead of writing ‘To begin with I…’ you could write… ‘The first part of the plan was to complete a full audit of the Petal Boutique’s existing social platforms. Armed with this information a new strategy was created to achieve XYZ.’

Add quotes from your client to back up what you are saying where possible.

The Results

Eg. We were able to grow the audience by X% over X months and when the product launched with a X% conversion rate from organic traffic resulting in X sales. (This could simply be about the audience or engagement rates)


Thanks to Sarah’s 1:1 training I felt confident to try different things on our company pages. Using my new knowledge of the platform analytic sections I was able to evaluate what was working and create more content that connected with our audience. Within a month our Facebook following grew by 250 and we had new customers contacting us every week.
Karen Brown, owner, Realign Pilates